Last Weekend was Awesome

February 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hi! I have been waiting and waiting for the chance to tell you about my amazing last weekend (I’m about to post 3 things in a row so hang on folks.)

You know you’re in for a good weekend when you have a sitter lined up two nights in a row. Wowza, what fun!

The first night was an honest to gosh date night. Snow. A good lookin’ date. Sushi with Mochi for dessert. A very funny comedy/musical about baseball at the Park Square Theater (I know, I was also wondering about a baseball-themed musical, but it was so much fun).  Here’s anecdotal evidence we had a great night: we were having so much fun talking at dinner that we lost track of time missed the first 15 minutes of our show (!) This, like, NEVER happens to me.

Saturday was the Luminary Loppet and we took Hiram this year. Eldyn was ticked to be left at home, but 9 is just not enough degrees for extended little-man-outside time yet. Maybe next year this can be a family outing. Hiram loved “coming on our date” and now believes that when we go out on our own, we eat hot dogs and tater tots before venturing on to an outside party where people play with fire.

Sunday was a fun double-header with a kid-friendly symphony concert at Aunt Linda’s church and then a Super Bowl party with Giki, Bumpa, Uncle David and new family friend Jennifer. I hope I never forget the look on Hiram’s face during that particularly fierce crescendo. Or the look on his face when he realized my plan was to snuggle in with him in my parent’s bed and sleep a little before the game got done.

On Monday morning Hiram said to me, “I don’t want to go to school. I want to go on another date with you.”

Oh bug. I want to go on another date with you too.


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