First Kiss

February 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last night I was putting Eldyn to bed and he was hyper. We were on step 4: Story Time

Story time seems to be one Eldyn’s least favorite steps. Usually, he can make it through 25 percent of any (six-page, 35-word board) book before he feels like he needs to do something more interesting (a.k.a. push a button on the radio or space heater). Last night was no exception so finally, I turned out the lights, held him firmly in my lap and forced him to listen to me sing bedtime songs. He semi-cooperated but was by no means “calm” when I finished my soothing, quiet set.

I stood up anyway and kept humming while I brought him over to his crib. I held his crazy, flailing little body in my arms for a minute before I gave him his final snuggle and kiss for the night.

I was just about to put him down in his crib when he opened his mouth and, with the moon glistening in his happy eyes, bit my nose.

For some reason, the feeling of Eldyn biting my nose was hilarious. I couldn’t be calm or keep humming lullabies because I was laughing so hard I was snorting and crying. Of course, Eldyn was thrilled to be making me happy so he bit my nose three more times.

By the third chomp, I realized Eldyn was kissing me good night. My first, second, third and fourth e-Lew kisses were being delivered in quick succession. Luckily I was already laughing and crying so it was not difficult to continue on, laughing and crying out of joy. e-Lew. You are a stinker and I love you.


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