Eldyn: 1 Year + 2 Months

February 16, 2013 § 2 Comments


e-Lew turned 1 year + 2 months on Valentine’s Day!

Independence: You can’t spell independence without I, but if you’re e-Lew, you don’t really care about spelling and just scream Me My Me! Eldyn wants to do everything for himself, including feed himself yogurt (see above). Not allowing him to do his thing is one of the (only) two things guaranteed to produce an e-Lew meltdown.

The other thing: The other thing that makes Eldyn cry is making him feel like he made a mistake. A few weeks ago, he knocked down one of Hiram’s towers and we all said some version of “oh no” simultaneously. Eldyn BURST into hysterical crying and was only able to compose himself enough to begin hyper-vento-breathing once we assured him no one was really that mad.

Wake Up Slow: Even though he wakes up at 6 like clockwork, I’m starting to realize e-Lew is not a morning person. Once he manages to get me out of bed and into his room, he far prefers a slow and quiet start to the day. The two of us have been spending morning after morning rocking together in our chair in the dark. Eventually, he starts to talk and will sometimes even sit still for a book. I love these quiet morning minutes with my baby bug.

Eldyn – 2 Months


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