Mora Classic Complete! Celebration

February 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

B and I celebrated completing the Mora Classic with a “beach vacation” on the sunny shores of Lake Superior last weekend. B asked me to pick the highlight of our long weekend trip to Tofte, MN and I couldn’t decide. Here’s the list of all the things that are tied for number 1.

  • Watching “Silver Lining Playbook” in the theater before the Oscars
  • Shopping for Favorite Things Dinner and teaching B how to eat a kumquat
  • Driving along Lake Superior in the light snow while sipping a hot Earl Grey tea latte
  • Seeing Lake Superior in many different moods – angry ocean-sized waves to soothing little lap-sized ones
  • Drinking coffee and reading a book for an entire morning with B
  • Driving to Grand Marais and eating a delicious lunch
  • Getting a 90 minute hot stone massage
  • The wine flight and cheese plate experience
  • Watching “Argo” in the living room of our condo, with a fire in the fire-place and the lake outside (again, before the Oscars)
  • Realizing the worst part of the vacation so far was running out of time for an outdoor hot tub soak before Yoga class
  • Our snow shoe hike around Mount Oberg
  • “Throwing together” fried egg, avocado and $15 cheddar sandwiches on multi-grain toast, with lemon plums on the side and fancy beer to drink, for lunch
  • No-stress cross-country skiing
  • Finally seeing “Hunger Games”
  • Granola Pancakes
  • Betty’s Pies
  • Opening my eyes (on my own time) three mornings in a row and seeing this:



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