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One advantage of having someone else watch your kids for any amount of time is that they come up with new tips/tricks for dealing with them. This is handy because, while we’ve known for a while that Eldyn will likely burn himself on his space heater, we’ve been unable to — how do those baby books put it…”redirect him” effectively. Turns out, all this redirection is adding up to boo in E-Lew’s mind. When we find him another toy or distract him with a book it’s essentially the equivalent of saying “Oh little bug, I think possibly some time in the distant future you really should consider a discontinuation of this practice as it could lead to slight discomfort.”

When really, what we mean is, “Eldyn! No!”

Anywhoo – my dad figured this out after just 2 days and mentioned it to me. He said, “Eldyn wasn’t listening so finally I got very stern and said, “No!” He cried pretty hard but he never did it again.”

He never did it again. People.

Just like that.

And so, tonight, when Eldyn was again pushing all the buttons on his space heater, I said, “NO!” Only this time, I mustered up all the No-ness inside of me and put it all into the one single word. There was no question I meant it. Eldyn bawled. But. Also. He hasn’t done it again.

With such a potent tool at our disposal, it’s tempting to wield the “No” Sword all the time. Just think of all the things we could get him to stop doing: Poking electrical sockets, turning the computer off, taking everything out of every drawer, banging the pots and pans, etc. Unfortunately,  B and I are limiting it’s use to “life or death” which basically just leaves electrical sockets.

Electrical sockets is good though. I’ll take electrical sockets.


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