Hiram: Three and Three-Quarters

March 10, 2013 § 1 Comment


Hiram was very proud to point out that he was three and three-quarters last Wednesday. I’m proud of him too.

Hi Ho!  Hiram has become quite the negotiator. On Wednesdays, my three boys drop me off at the bus stop before making their way to daycare/work and I usually take a second to give them each a kiss before I run off. Sometimes Hiram says he wants to come along to work with me and I always reply the same way, “Oh! Wouldn’t that be fun? Sometime, I’ll bring you to work, Hiram.”

Two weeks ago, I tried to kiss Hiram and he said, “No!”

“Why not?” I asked him, surprised.

“Because!” he said, “I have been WAITING and I have been PATIENT and you NEVER bring me to WORK.”

That Thursday night, Hiram helped me make popcorn balls. On Friday, Hiram, Eldyn and I brought them in to my friends at work and luckily, he’s started giving me kisses again.

Guns: Although I’ve heard it’s quite normal for little boys to like guns, I was hoping Hiram would not. Alas, he’s started playing gun games. As his mom, I’m still clinging to whatever innocence I can find in this new development and my best angle is this: Hiram still doesn’t say he’s going to “shoot you.” Instead, he says he’ll “gun you” and then the gun makes this sound “Gun! Gun!”


Little Swimmer Boy: Hiram started swimming lessons a few weeks ago and he is amazing! He takes his lessons very seriously and does all his exercises to the best of his ability. When he’s doing the doggy paddle, he paddles as fast as he can. When he’s practicing his kicks, he doesn’t mess around either. Every single person within 20 feet of my child gets splashed by his eager little kicker feet.

Hiram: 2 Years + 9 Months

Hiram: 1 Year + 9 Months


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