Baby Proofing

March 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

We have the little baby proofing latches sitting in a box atop the very cabinet that requires them. And yet, they are not installed.

It turns out, we don’t need them anyway. We have something else. We have: e-Lew’s game cabinet distraction – a.k.a. a shoe box.


The sweet thing about Eldyn is that he loves the things the rest of us love and will go to great lengths to partake (see exhibit A – Eldyn swallowing an olive, which he clearly hated, and immediately asking for another one). This is why he loves the game cabinet so much. There’s TRIBOND in there! And Trouble! And many other choking hazards!

The bottom line: Eldyn needs to participate in the game cabinet. He knows this with his whole heart.  Which is why he makes a break for it whenever we’re not looking. He knows he doesn’t have much time so he grabs the first thing on top. A shoe box! With something amazing inside! He can’t believe how lucky he is to be in possession of something the rest of us also want. Something just SO GREAT.

He eagerly rips the shoe box open to find his treasure inside…


The contents are so exciting that e-Lew forgets about the rest of the game cabinet. Booya.

Hey, it works for now. Let’s hope it lasts, at least, until we have time to get that safety latch securely in place.


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