Letter to the Babysitter – Eldyn 2013 Edition

March 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

A few years ago during, I posted a letter I wrote to Hiram’s babysitter. It was kind of fun to have that little bedtime snapshot in time so I started an annual thing. Last year, I started it for Eldyn too. Here’s Eldyn’s latest bedtime routine. I’ll post Hiram’s next week.

Dear Babysitter:

  • Eldyn goes to bed between 7 and 8. Exact timing depends on how tired he seems and how his naps were during the day.
  • I left a bedtime diaper and footie pajamas on his dresser. I usually use our bed for changing him since he’s so squirmy and there isn’t a great place to change him in his room.
  • Turn on the space heater and press play on his CD player to turn the white noise on.
  • Sometimes, Eldyn likes to drink a bottle before bed but other times he doesn’t want to at all. He’ll let you know either way.
  • Skip the stories. Eldyn hates stories at bedtime.
  • If he goes for the door, it’s OK to let him out for a second. Sometimes he likes to go and wave at Hiram in his bedroom before he goes to sleep.
  • I usually hold him for a few seconds in the rocking chair and start singing. If he’s very tired he will have no tolerance for this! If so, skip this part and go straight to his bed.
  • Put him down on his back.  He might cry a tiny bit but will stop as soon as you give him his yellow blanket. Once he sticks his thumb in his mouth, you’re golden to walk out the door.
  • That’s it! He’s an easy baby to get down.

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