Sweet Spring

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I finally put my finger on the thing that makes me love our neighborhood so much. My finger is on: The way spring at our house makes me feel like a kid again. This is even more true with kids – especially ones that only need 1 nap per day. All these daylight hours to work with are like a sweet spring dream.

We spent the entire weekend riding our bikes wherever we wanted, which included: to the green space, to the park, to watch a running race, back our house, to an ice cream store. Wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Just like being a kid again.

Only more fun because your imaginary friends are actually three cuties.



April 25, 2013 § 4 Comments

As part of my “fix-my-foot” campaign, I’ve decided that all cardio workouts for the next 4 weeks should be sessions of swimming. This actually works out OK, considering Brad and I have signed up for a little triathlon this summer and I need to practice anyway. I’ve done enough swimming to be over my fear of water, but I still kind of (really) hate swimming so I’m already counting down the times I have to go, especially to the stinky the pool.

My swim this morning wasn’t too bad, as long as you think this doesn’t sound bad:

  1. A very nice lady invited me to share her lane.
  2. On my first lap, I realized the pool has a deep end. Even after knowing it was coming, I still hyperventilated a little each time I saw it.
  3. I noticed the nice lady who said she was slow was actually kind of fast. I didn’t want to be in her way so I tried swimming faster which made me run out of breath > switch to the side stroke > swim even slower. The lady swam around me (nicely.)
  4. Being out of breath made hyperventilating in the deep-end more uncomfortable. This led to more side-stroking > even slower swimming > even more nice lady swim-arounds.
  5. I did my minimum minutes goal and raced to the locker room to shower. I was in such a hurry to leave that I forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair and now it’s all chunky.

The upside? Many opportunities for improvement tomorrow!

Proof Please

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Hadley Barrows

Writers are often asked to review other people’s work. On the one hand, this is a HUGE honor (and something I love to do.) On the other hand, it can sometimes get a little bit hairy — as in, a coworker asks you to give feedback on her erotic novel and/or super verbose neighbor asks you to proof her 8,000 page memoir.

Here are five tips I’ve found helpful no matter what proofing situation you’re in.

  1. Think about your Ink: Don’t use red ink. Just use blue. Or green. Or something else friendly.
  2. Don’t mess with style: Unless your own reputation is on the line, DO NOT edit for style. If anything, point out areas where the person’s style is shining through. (Hint, “shining through” may very likely equal “bug” if you’re someone who likes things to be “just so.”)
  3. Nit Pick Errors: Point out grammatical errors and typos. These are things that make a bad impression on future readers…

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Ten Reasons I am SO Glad it’s Snowing

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When I’m feeling especially down, I like to try to think of 10 things that made me happy during the day. Since this particular “down-ness” is specifically related to the down-ness of that snow out there, I have decided to try to think of 10 reasons I’m glad it’s snowing.

  1. The wind and sleet made my hands feel dry, which made my Green Tea and Verbena hand lotion feel very satisfying
  2. I have a sore foot, but I don’t feel left out by missing another run
  3. Hot chocolate tastes better when it’s snowing
  4. It was appropriate weather for polishing off our last (and delicious) soup-swap soup
  5. I am wearing an extra cozy sweatshirt
  6. We got kudos for walking to yoga
  7. Watching snow come down while doing yoga WAS kind of pretty and relaxing
  8. This weather is something everyone can agree on, regardless of politics
  9. Eldyn makes cute footprints with his boots
  10. It’s going to melt tomorrow

Commemorate the Date – Spring Newsletter!

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may 21 

Hey all – just published the Commemorate the Date spring newsletter. If you’re not on the list, you can still read it here.

Funny Face Phase

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This morning, Hiram and I took a walk to the dentist. We brought the umbrella (to ensure it wouldn’t rain) and much to Hiram’s disappointment, it didn’t rain.

We decided it was OK to use it even if it wasn’t raining and I got this cute shot. His full cooperation and nice smile made me realize I might be done collecting shots of Hiram during his (one of many, I’m sure) funny face phases.

So without further ado, I bring you Hiram’s first funny face photo gallery:

My New Goal: Write a Novel

April 17, 2013 § 3 Comments

It’s been a whole two months since we accomplished the Mora Classic Goal so of course I’m all itchy to get something else going. Here’s what I’ve got: Write a Novel. By 2026.

My cousin Jason Wellnitz just published his first book called River Way Home. I loved reading his book (I wrote a review for it on Amazon, which you can read by checking out his book.)

I especially appreciated the way he tackled this goal I’ve had on the back burner forever. He wrote it, published it and had a lot of fun in the process. It was the kick in the pants I needed to start my own book.

Unlike my cousin, though, I’m on the slow track. The idea of getting a novel done in a year sounds way too daunting. Instead, I decided to try to have it finished before Hiram graduates from high school. Yep, in 2026. I love the idea of having a project that will always be there. And, some of my favorite authors spend a considerable amount of time on the planning and early development process so I’m going to try that too.

If you follow my blog, you know I need goals in order to accomplish anything at all. With a goal that culminates in 2026, I think this is especially true. So, I’ve got a series of little goals I’m planning to report back in on in 2013. Once again, you guys are my silent motivators. Soooo, thanks for that.

One other note: So far, my goal is to make something I’m proud of and self-publish it for my friends and family. At this point, I don’t want my opinions of the publishing industry to screw with my creative process. I’ll let you know if I change my mind.

2013 “Write a Novel” Goals:

  • Develop the main character by writing about her or her life at least once every other week until July
  • Attend “5 Points of a Story” Loft seminar in June and finalize my story outline
  • Take the “Character Development” seminar at the Loft in July
  • Develop another character in the second half of the year
  • Create 2014 Goals

Here’s my progress tracker so far. This one runs up to July.

Novel Progress - April

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