Hiram: 3 Years + 10 Months

April 8, 2013 § 2 Comments


Get Ready, Get Set. A few weeks ago, it was entirely feasible for Hiram to be zooming toy cars around with a completely bare bottom a full 60 minutes into his morning “getting ready” routine. But not anymore! It turns out the prospect of a sticker is all he needs to go from sleeping to ready by 6:07 each day. I think Hiram might be considering a similar “stickers to nowhere” program for his lazy parents now.

Time Will Tell: The concept of time is starting to make a whole lot of sense to Hiram. He’s working very hard to understand spans of time, like days or months. He also likes to suggest doing activities until the big hand touches a certain number. My favorite thing is that clocks have so much authority in Hiram’s life — finally something to blame for bedtime instead of his mama!

Wire! Hiram’s favorite night of the week is choir (a.k.a. “wire”) night. He loves having dinner with his friend, using the laranalur all by himself, and then running like a maniac into the room to rehearse songs for church. Even with all this practice, he’s always been too shy to actually sing on Sundays – until now. At their last performance, Hiram felt like singing! He also did the hand motions with one hand while the other held onto his blanket.

2 Years + 10 Months

1 Year + 10 Months


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