Eldyn: 1 Year + 4 Months

April 15, 2013 § 2 Comments

to play

Look at this stinker! I love him.

Toddler: e-Lew started in the Toddler Room and couldn’t be happier. He’s been dreaming of being a toddler since he realized he was at the bottom of the toy chain at daycare. Much to his dismay, he was forced to endure an entire week of transition time, where he learned to sleep on a cot and gradually spent more and more time in the toddler room. All hours spent in the baby room during this time were passed by standing at the baby gate and hollering his toddler teacher’s name — Saaaaaaraaaaah! Saaaaaraaaaaah! SAAAA.RAAAAAAH!

Bird’s Gonna Come Land on Yer Lip: Holy Pout Batman! Eldyn’s got some mad pouting skills. He employs this new skill at least 4 times an hour and has exactly one level of pouting intensity: All-Out-Bummed. Apparently, not being allowed to eat a Cheerio off the floor is as equally disappointing as not being allowed to play with poop.

Oh Poop: Speaking of poop, e-Lew now poops in the tub during 90 percent of all baths. Luckily, my friend H gave us the perfect name for this catastrophe (Code Brown!) and cousin/cousin-in-law J and E gave us the perfect solution (a separate poop bucket for e-Lew to sit in in the tub.) The tub can be easily dumped/cleaned and doesn’t contaminate Hiram’s side.

Eldyn: 4 Months


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