April 25, 2013 § 4 Comments

As part of my “fix-my-foot” campaign, I’ve decided that all cardio workouts for the next 4 weeks should be sessions of swimming. This actually works out OK, considering Brad and I have signed up for a little triathlon this summer and I need to practice anyway. I’ve done enough swimming to be over my fear of water, but I still kind of (really) hate swimming so I’m already counting down the times I have to go, especially to the stinky the pool.

My swim this morning wasn’t too bad, as long as you think this doesn’t sound bad:

  1. A very nice lady invited me to share her lane.
  2. On my first lap, I realized the pool has a deep end. Even after knowing it was coming, I still hyperventilated a little each time I saw it.
  3. I noticed the nice lady who said she was slow was actually kind of fast. I didn’t want to be in her way so I tried swimming faster which made me run out of breath > switch to the side stroke > swim even slower. The lady swam around me (nicely.)
  4. Being out of breath made hyperventilating in the deep-end more uncomfortable. This led to more side-stroking > even slower swimming > even more nice lady swim-arounds.
  5. I did my minimum minutes goal and raced to the locker room to shower. I was in such a hurry to leave that I forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair and now it’s all chunky.

The upside? Many opportunities for improvement tomorrow!


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