Eldyn: 1 Year + 5 Months

May 14, 2013 § 2 Comments


Chatterbox: WORDS! I love all e-Lew’s new words this month. He and I play a game where he sits in the swing and I push him while he practices talking. Mama. Mama. Daddy. Daddy. Giki. Giki. Bumpa. Bumpa. When I suggest a word he doesn’t say yet, you can see his little head and mouth working overtime to make it happen. Cat…Tat!

Fashion Forward: Eldyn likes to suggest outfits for us now. He does this by opening our drawers, pulling things out and grunting in a friendly and suggestive way. He’s really an expert at matching the family member with their own clothing, even if it’s all mixed together in a laundry basket. But he does have a little work to do before he gets on Project Runway. If Brad would have taken his suggestion this morning, he’d be wearing four pairs of boxers, one sock, annnnnd…nothing else.

Speed Read: Instead of flat-out refusing to even look at a book, Eldyn has started bringing us books to read! He will still only sit still for 2-5 seconds of actual reading time, per book. When the sit-still-time is on the two-second end of the spectrum, we just flip quickly through the pages. But five seconds! Believe it or not, there are toddler books that can be read entirely in 5 seconds.

Eldyn: 5 Months


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