Deep Thoughts, by Hiram

May 28, 2013 § 1 Comment

We spent 100% of our weekend up at the cabin and Hiram spent 80% of his waking hours out on the dock, casting for fish. For being just threeandthreequarters, Hiram is an exceptional caster.  Like, ridiculously good. Like, mom-irrationally-fantasizes-about-finding-a-casting-contest-for-him-to-win good.

One rule was that Hiram needed an adult with him at all times while on the dock. He really didn’t need us there, he was completely preoccupied with casting. But we needed to be there because, well, he’s threeandthreequarters. The result was a fantastic opportunity to hear a flow of thoughts stream straight from his head and out over the glassy-smooth lake. I loved it.

Here are just a few of the deepest and most profound thoughts I got to hear while “supervising” Hiram’s fishing.  

  • It’s OK if I lose my fish because I can get another one
  • A pet is a pet, even if it’s on a string
  • If you don’t say “I love you,” you go to war

Oh, I love you, mister H.


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