2013 Garden Update: Optimism Phase

June 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s the beginning of gardening season and we all know what that means. It means starting again. At optimism. While trying to ignore the fact that despair and winter are mocking you from just the other side of things.

Here’s an infographic I created to demonstrate the stages of gardening in my world.


Guess how I’m feeling right now! Optimistic! Here are a few signs things might be going my way:

  • The asparagus I planted last year came back for more.
  • The strawberry plants are leafy.
  • The Zinnia seeds I planted are growing in their pots.
  • The Ranunculus bulbs are growing so greenly and lushly and yet have been left undisturbed by the rabbits (to date). I don’t even eat Ranunculus and am tempted to take a nibble, so I count this as a miracle.
  • The Sweet Pea plant I thought I killed last year is back. Either that or the other climbing plant (name/kind?) I put there when the Sweet Pea died came back. Either that or a very long weed is growing there and has tricked me into providing it with a climbing lattice.
  • I won “most beautiful” in a plant growing contest at work and they weren’t, as initially feared, kidding. (???!)

In other news, as part of our deck project, we are getting rid of my biggest garden and I am purposefully ignoring the entire thing until it’s time to dismantle it. Anything still alive gets transplanted. Consider it a weeding out process.

Am I getting the hang of this?


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