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Hadley Barrows

My littlest child has what we like to call “no sense.” This isn’t an actual, diagnosed condition but regardless, it creates a lot of panic around our house. Take the other day, for example. While I wasn’t watching for two seconds, he climbed onto a chair, leaned onto the computer desk and pushed the chair away with his feet until he fell face-first onto the floor. It was dramatic, but luckily, he turned out to be fine.

I still need to fess up to this story because while all of this non-“sense” was happening, the keyboard fell off the desk and somehow, just the period key popped off. Not only did it pop off, it broke in half. The panic I felt, only secondary to the, “Is my baby OK?” kind of panic, was pointed. I actually thought to myself: Am I destined to a future of exclamations, questions and…

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