What e-Lew Likes: Whatever He Can Say

June 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

e-Lew has a new favorite thing every day. This is because he has started saying new words every day. He’s SO excited about each addition to his vocabulary and celebrates by saying the word he learned over and over and over and over. And using it in the appropriate context, I am happy to add.

  • Last week, it was “book.” Yes, my friends. Thanks to the joy of talking, e-Lew’s love of books has reached a whole new level. He will bring you 25+ books, one at a time, just so he can walk around saying, “book, book, book.”
  • Friday, it was “Mana!” which means banana. All e-Lew wanted to eat on Friday and Saturday was banana. Not even sure he was hungry all those times.
  • Saturday, it was “Boots.” Put boots on, take them off, put them on, stomp, repeat. It was especially great when one of his boots fell off unexpectedly. Much cause for discussion.
  • Sunday, it was “Side” which is short for “Outside.” Fantastically, Sunday was a sog fest. So, Eldyn spent the whole day either being wet outside or feeling grossly misunderstood by his mother who dragged him and his muddy boots back into the house from time to time.

Talking! I love it so much.


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