Eldyn: 1 Year + 6 Months

June 13, 2013 § 1 Comment


A year and a half! This child is at such a fun age. I can’t really stand it.

Bedtime: Somehow, Eldyn’s bedtime routine went rogue. Now, after I sing him his songs and lay him in his bed, he pops back up, sticks his feet out from between the crib slats and tries to get me to kiss the bottoms. When I do, he leans forward and either kisses me back or offers his forehead for another kiss. Then he sticks other parts of himself out through the slats (nose, fingers, feet again) and wants me to kiss them all. Repeatedly. Despite the fact that his policy is to do nothing for longer than 45 seconds, he will do this game forever.

Don’t Eat That! Finally! Eldyn seems to be leaving the phase where he puts every single solitary thing in his mouth. Finally! This is extra nice because Eldyn absolutely LOVES to get messy. Allowing him to play with sand, dirt, rain water, finger paint, anything really, is a lot easier to do when I know he won’t immediately ingest it.

Let’s Do It! Eldyn loves doing everything! The bad side of this is that transitions are hard (when they’re not on his terms). The awesome side is he’s always game for the new thing, once you explain what’s coming. For example, when you’re tired of watching him dump his milk on the floor and throw food across the room, you just need to suggest something that sounds like even more fun. It can be anything. Eldyn! Should we go outside?! (Heck yeah!) Eldyn! Should we brush your teeth?! (Yahoooo!)

Eldyn: 6 Months


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