Peaches for Free

June 18, 2013 § 3 Comments

It’s official. I can no longer deny that I am a CSA (farm share) and local produce snob. Here are 18 points to prove it.

As happens on alternate years, last year, I decided that this year we needed a break from our CSA. I always think this during years when we get a CSA because, I like to think, I am too conscientious to waste vegetables and too busy to properly prepare them. In actuality, I think the major problem is that I don’t like driving to pick them up when I can just get produce when I grocery shop. And so. This year. When Brad mentioned that there is a CSA dropping off at his office, I reneged on my “No CSA phase of life” proclamation and we signed ourselves up.

This. Despite the fact that the name sounded suspiciously like an outfit that sells bananas in farmer’s markets all over town. (Proof point 1)

Then we got a card in the mail offering us a free flower bouquet as a thank you for signing up for the CSA. Only catch, we had to go to the Minneapolis Farmers Market and I don’t go to that one on principal. (Proof point 2)

Last week I noticed Megan had peaches at her house. I was immediately jealous and wished I had peaches at my house too. Then yesterday, we got our first letter from the farmer along with a list of things that would be included in the first share. The list included:

  • Asparagus (appropriate)
  • Lettuce (appropriate)
  • Mint (more than appropriate, bumper crop this year)
  • Tomatoes (feasible with a hoop house, appropriate)
  • Cucumber (same as tomatoes)
  • Homemade raspberry jam (sounds like heaven but not fresh produce – proof point 3)
  • Maple syrup (see raspberry jam – proof point 4)
  • Peaches. WHAT!!?!! (proof point 5-18)

Peaches are NOT. Local. They are NOT. Appropriate. They are EXACTLY what I was wishing for last week. And EXACTLY what I was worried about. And so I am a hypocrite. Who is going to try her best to keep an open mind about these peaches they *so called* “got for their road stands from Georgia and couldn’t resist sharing with us.”




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§ 3 Responses to Peaches for Free

  • Did you know that we are the municipal market of the city of Minneapolis? The City wants us to have resellers here; so along with our 200+ local growers, we have 4 resellers with global produce. They are clearly labeled on the stall sign. We are the green grocer for the City and provide healthy food for all.

    • Sorry, Minneapolis Farmers Market. I hope my long time readers recognize that this not a slam on the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market but instead, an example of how ridiculous I am. Not going to the Minneapolis Farmers Market “on principal” is indeed ridiculous. Especially considering all you’re doing for our community. Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll give you guys another try. Thanks for stopping by. Come again!

  • Dad says:

    Your Mom and I both think this is one of your best! Love, Dad

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