Disaster Recovery

June 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hi. Did you miss us? After arriving home from a weekend away to find no power and a fridge full of bad food, I officially declared our family in a state of Disaster Recovery. Being in Disaster Recovery gave me permission to:

  • Go out for lunch
  • And dinner
  • And breakfast
  • Not clean
  • Skip blogging
  • Do whatever

Rock on. It kind of makes me want to find some other disaster to recover from.

Not really.

It was a crazy week. Starting out with a crazy fun trip to the zoo and then a crazy fun trip to the cabin where we hung out with my cousin and his crazy awesome family. We were having such a crazy time, we didn’t even notice that at home, the weather was crazy. Probably for the best because I could see myself screwing up a perfectly fun weekend wondering if the mayo was going bad in the fridge.

It was.

Along with all kinds of other perfectly good food.

And so, as we pulled up in front of our house with a car full of crabby, dirty boys and stinky, dirty laundry we noticed our front light was off. Further investigation revealed that it wasn’t just the front light. It was everything. Power to the Out.

Having just spent a good portion of our car ride teaching Hiram about the concept of “Go with the flow” I tried to be a good sport. We packed up some more clothes, grabbed whatever was still frozen in the deep freezer and took sweet refuge at my parents house (Thanks Mom and Dad!) When the power came back on Monday, I was still being a good sport.

How. Ever. Two days later, I was also still doing these things:

  • Driving back and forth from my parents house trying to get tooth brushes aligned with their rightful teeth
  • Going to the grocery store 2-3 times per meal (and usually, ultimately, just getting take-out anyway)
  • Seriously trying to figure out how to make my pajamas look like work clothes (no laundry done yet, you see)
  • Convincing Hiram to Go With The Flow when his PB&J only had jelly on it (I know peanut butter doesn’t go bad in a power outage and jelly does. Don’t ask.)

Today, I am finally wearing clean clothes and am writing on my blog. The boys are only a little worse for the wear. Shall I declare the Disaster Recovery over? Maybe after the weekend.


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