What e-Lew Likes: WOT!

July 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Now that he can say it (or, I guess, he can say “Wot!”) there is no denying how top of mind water is for Mister Lew. Here is a list of things Eldyn loves to do involving water. The list would be longer but I only have 4 minutes until my bus comes:

  • Water plants with it
  • “Drink” it out of a “big person” glass
  • Pour it from a “big person” glass down his front
  • Actually drink it out of a sippy cup
  • Drink it from a straw
  • Stomp in it while wearing frog boots
  • Stomp in it while wearing shoes
  • Stomp in it without shoes
  • Sit in it
  • Pour it on the floor and play with it
  • Put rocks in it
  • Take rocks out of it
  • Pour it from bucket to bucket
  • Swim in it
  • Bathe in it
  • Ask for it at bedtime
  • Ask for it after he’s already been tucked in
  • Talk about it when it rains
  • Slide down the blow-up kiddy pool slide into it

Have I made my point? I think I have.


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