While You Were Sleeping

July 18, 2013 § 2 Comments

A few weeks ago, I started staging little “surprises” for Hiram while he was asleep. I think it started because he was worried he was going see a monster. I told him I’d come into his room to check for monsters after he was asleep and I promised to leave him a surprise so he knew I had been there.

  • The first night, I put his bear on his chair on his dresser.
  • The second night, I put a hat on his bear on his chair on his dresser.
  • The third night, I put sunglasses on his frog on his chair

I started to worry I was creating an unsustainable tradition and so after the third night, I stopped. But then Hiram noticed and asked me why. I should have put a firm foot down and said it’s just a “sometimes thing.” But when he’s asleep he’s just so darn cute. I can’t resist leaving him another surprise. I love it when he wakes up giggling in the morning because of whatever I did the night before. And so:

  • The fifth night, I made his stuffed moose do a handstand
  • The sixth night I put a shirt on his bear
  • The seventh night I ran out of ideas and I was tired so I put cookie monster on his dog

The next morning when I went into his room, Hiram said, “I didn’t like the surprise last night. It was boring.” And so:

  • Last night, I put sandals on his cabbage patch doll

I am creating a monster and it is myself and it is in Hiram’s room while he’s sleeping.


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§ 2 Responses to While You Were Sleeping

  • Fernie says:

    I do the same for the girls, but it’s during the say when I work from home and they are at daycare. It usually involves moving a stuffie to the chair and have them read a book or leaving a stuffie tucked into the dining room table like they just got done eating. The giggles are awesome.

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