Summer Break

July 23, 2013 § 3 Comments


I guess.

It’s not summer until somebody breaks an arm.

Yesterday, Hiram fell at the playground and now he’s the proud owner of a brand new “splinter.” Luckily it’s just a hairline break and will heal perfectly.

My sweet boy was so brave. It was clearly tender yesterday but Hiram, who as a baby would regularly endure his shots without shedding a single tear, insisted it didn’t hurt that much. “I’m still strong, mom,” he told me.

It was only this morning, when he said, “I need help pulling my pants up because my wrist is a little bit sore,” did we know we needed to bring him in.

Hiram is doing fine! He loved getting the x-ray, which they did “from the side and the front” and will dutifully repeat all the doctors orders which include 1) keeping it on unless he’s taking a bath or going swimming and 2) wearing it for four years (a.k.a. weeks).

Sigh. This mama needs to practice being less upset than the person with the actual injury.


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§ 3 Responses to Summer Break

  • Linda says:

    Just so he doesn’t try to catch up to his dad in the “broken” bones department!

  • Brad says:

    Yes, luckily no scars or hardware with this one!His teachers are already expressing concern over how hard he’s playing, jumping off of heights and running full throttle everywhere. H’s favorite saying right now? -Hey! Watch this! 🙂 I think he’ll make a full recovery, if he ever slows down long enough to heal!

  • […] In July, we were worried we’d need to dub this “The Year of Unlucky” or, spun appropriately for a holiday letter, the year of “Silver Linings.” Nothing catastrophic, thank God, but quite a few well-laid plans completely screwed up by ill-timed illnesses, plumbing emergencies and a broken arm. […]

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