Broked a Bone!

July 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

Hiram is frustrated by a number of things related to having a broken arm. It’s harder to write, it’s almost impossible to crack open a pistachio and going down steps with the railing on the left side causes consternation. But man, put a “splinter” on his arm and this kid knows he’s where it’s at.

  • He’s not as shy with strangers anymore and has been proudly proclaiming “I broked a bone!” to anyone who will listen.
  • He asks for special treats and then acts completely indignant when we say no. The other morning he asked for French Toast on a school morning. I told him we didn’t have time and suggested regular toast or cereal. “But I broked a bone!” he cried.
  • He oscillates between being able to do anything (and more!) and nothing. Ride his bike? Run headlong into wall? Act crazy? No problem. Help carry dishes to the table or brush his teeth? “I broked a bone!”

I’m clearly his mom, because even though I can see how these characteristics could be annoying, I ‘m just happy he’s going to be OK and that he’s not letting his summer cast get him down. I seriously considered making him french toast on a Tuesday. But I didn’t.

Hang in there buddy, just three weeks left.


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