In the Mood

August 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Do you remember that one awesome time when Eldyn wouldn’t let Brad dance with me at one of my cousin’s weddings because he was there first?


Last weekend was another cousin’s wedding. This time, a gorgeous affair at my mom’s family’s farm.

Our little foursome was gearing up for a night of dancing. Having learned our lesson the hard way last time, Brad and I didn’t even try to exclude the boys when the first slow song came on. Instead, we settled for standing in a little clump, swaying to the music.

Eldyn must have sensed that the mood was romantic because partway through the song, he grabbed me by the ear and turned my head towards Brad’s. Then he pushed me (via ear) to Brad and insisted we kiss. When he saw how hard this made me laugh he did it about 18 more times.

Oh Lew.

Love was definitely in the air.


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