Pre-K’s Don’t Cry

August 29, 2013 § 3 Comments

Hiram stayed in bed a little longer than usual this morning and when I went in to see how he was doing, he said, “I’m sleeping in because it’s a big day for me.”

A big day indeed! Hiram went to his “Early Childhood Screening” this morning — requirement #1 for (gulp) Kindergarten!

Hiram is a pretty shy guy, especially when he’s doing something new. So when we told him, basically, that he’d be going off on his own to do some games with a stranger he said, “But I’ll cry!”

After we explained how important it was the he not cry, and how much we wanted him to talk so the stranger could see that he was smart and ready for kindergarten, he changed his mind. “OK. I won’t cry.”

Today, he didn’t cry. He did everything they asked him to do and by the end, the screener was as smitten with him as we are. He loved the games on the computer and is very proud of the Minnesota Gopher key chain he got for helping out with the optional U of M study.

As we were walking back to the car, I told Hiram I was proud of him. I said I was proud because he was brave, did his very best on the games and didn’t cry.

“And, mom?” he said.


“Are you proud of me because I talked?”

For some reason, the thought that one of Hiram’s goals was “to talk” made me want to burst into tears. I managed to keep it together and say, simply, “Yes.”

He’s brave. He tries hard. He doesn’t cry. And he talks. Hiram is ready for Kindergarten.

So how come Hiram’s mama feels less ready with each passing day?


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