Hiram: 4 Years + 3 Months

September 6, 2013 § 1 Comment


This four thing. It must be pivotal. It was another big month for Hiram:

B is for… Hiram’s kindergarten screening motivated us to focus on “the sounds letters make.” We’ve been making up all kinds of games to play and the other day, I asked him to try to think of a word that starts with the letter “B.” (Ball? Baby? Boy perhaps?) His face lit up. “Butt!” he said.

Don’t Worry: The things Hiram and Eldyn do are beginning to intersect more often, which means Hiram gets to show off his big brother skills a lot more. My favorite example was at the fair, when Eldyn was convinced he wanted to ride on the same motorcycle-go-round as his brother. As soon as the ride started Eldyn burst into hysterical tears. Hiram sprung into action — riding the entire ride semi-backwards so he could rub Eldyn’s arms and say soothing words until the ride finally stopped.

Allowance: This month, Hiram started getting an allowance. He absolutely loves having his own money although he hasn’t purchased anything yet. He has been thinking about things he might like to buy though. So far, he’s asked us how much money he would “have to give” to get the following things: canoe paddle, canoe, restaurant, cabin, house and the family car.

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