Eldyn: 1 Year + 9 Months

September 14, 2013 § 2 Comments


Big Bus: This month, Eldyn has perfected the art of the two-word sentence. We love being able to understand more about what he’s thinking and he loves being able to explain himself better. “Joe dad!” means he just saw Joe’s dad. “Hiram ouch!” means Hiram is sad. “Eat yuck!” means he just ate dirt and he liked it even though he knows we think it’s yucky.

Baby: Eldyn now officially knows he’s not the one who is a baby. His cousin is a baby. His friend Asher is a baby. But he? He’s definitely not a baby. At all. He loves babies though. He loves to put Hiram’s baby to bed each night by dropping it on its head and covering its face with a blanket. He also loved helping us take care of Asher last weekend by feeding him and giving him toys. Needless to say, we didn’t let him help put Asher to bed.

Bird’s Gonna Come: Whaaaaat? Where did Eldyn learn to pout like he does? It’s amazing. When he hears the word “no,” he finds the nearest corner and stands with his feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Then, slowly and deliberately, he folds his arms with his eyes on you. Then he sticks his lower lip out further than his toes and wrinkles his eyebrows until they touch the top of his nose. Then, as a special touch, he adds sadness to his eyes. Intentionally. To punish you for being horrible.

Eldyn: 9 months


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