Be Brave Little Man

September 26, 2013 § 3 Comments

Since Eldyn was very little, he has seemed insane. He has always been willing to eat absolutely anything (except most food) and dive headlong off absolutely any high place. His policy has been to count on his parents to catch him, chase him or stop him if what he is doing has the potential to kill him. I always thought this was because he had no sense.

Now that he’s talking more, I think I need to tweak this diagnosis. He has sense. But he has no fear.  He just has no fear. Of getting hurt. Of screwing up. Of being wrong. He is just not worried about it.

I love to hear him talk. He uses new words every day. He doesn’t care if he says them perfectly. In fact, he considers it our job to figure out what he’s saying. He will, patiently, repeat himself until we figure it out. Or at least get close. But he doesn’t get discouraged or worry about saying it wrong.

If he hears a new word or phrase he likes, he’ll start saying it right then. Over and over. As best he can.





I feel a little bad about how quickly I interpreted his bravery for insanity, although I guess historically, there has always been a fine line. Now that I know this though, I think I can be a little better at fostering what is brave and changing what is, well, too brave.


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§ 3 Responses to Be Brave Little Man

  • It’s so funny you say this today because we just had a “situation” with our little guy today jumping off the top of a playscape at a neighborhood park. He was fine, (THANK GOD, and soft mulch) but I was (still am) TOTALLY freaked out by the gazillions of ways that could’ve ended VERY badly. My little guy thought (still thinks) it was AWESOME. I think I’m in for a whole heck of a lot of trouble and that starts with T and that rhymes with B and that stands for BOY!

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