Words With Nubs: Wicked

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Hadley Barrows

If you incorporate just one new word into your Halloween vernacular, maybe it should be wicked. You’ll still be able to say everything you mean and you’ll get credit for being in the spirit, too. Wicked is the perfect word to celebrate a holiday that is wicked, wicked and also totally wicked.

Wicked = Evil, horrible, bloody wounds and chainsaws

Wicked = Mischievous, as in, so naughty it’s cute

Wicked = Totally awesome

  • The wicked children did a wicked job tee-peeing their wicked neighbor’s tree. Trick or treat!
  • He met his wicked wife at a wicked costume party and instantly, she melted his wicked heart.
  • The wicked witch and her wicked little kittens were having a wicked good time making wart stew.

Who needs cat ears on a headband that gives you a migraine? All you need is wicked. You’re welcome and have a wicked Halloween.

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Five Thoughts About Trees

October 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

Maybe because its fall, I keep having random thoughts about trees.

Thought #1: We need a name for our maple tree. I was at a birthday party a few weeks ago and became instantly jealous when the man I was talking to referred to the biggest tree in his yard as “Wally.” How come I did not think of this? I name everything and trees even have personality. Please let me know if you can think of a name for my maple tree. Now I can only think of the name “Wally.”

Thought #2: Megan gave me a subscription to Real Simple  for my half-birthday and it suggested that everyone find a tree to watch. It said you should pick just one and watch it every day of the year because it will help you see the passing of the seasons. It also said picking just one tree is better than watching all the trees because if you do that you’ll miss the details. I picked the Ginko that is planted on the boulevard because I can see it from my bed and because it reminds me of my parents.

Thought #3: The Ginko planted on our boulevard is really a runt. A few years ago, all the trees on our block had to be chopped down because of disease. We all got (much smaller) replacement trees and if we wanted, we could request a certain kind of tree. I requested a Ginko because it reminds me of my parents. I didn’t research it’s growth rate, and still haven’t. But I bet if I did I’d find out that Ginkos grow very slowly. Whenever I start to feel embarrassed by this little Ginko, I remind myself that it’s good practice for being a parent. Don’t compare trees!

Thought #4: My dad always says that when a Ginko tree loses its leaves in the fall, it looks like the tree’s pants just fell down. The leaves gather around the the trunk in a pile. This happened to my Ginko and reminded me that having a Ginko is good practice for being a parent. Don’t be embarrassed if your toddler’s pants fall down. This happens at least once a year and is natural.


Thought #5: We need a name for our Ginko tree. I name everything and this tree has a lot of personality. Please let me know if you can think of a name for my Ginko tree. I can only think of the name “Pantsing.”

Extreme Makeover

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Look how crazy different (and older) Eldyn looks in the before/after shots of his last makeover at Great Clips.

Now I just need to figure out how to reverse it again. Where did my baby go?

Write a Novel: October Update

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October got a little off track. First, my class got cancelled, so I couldn’t finish the extracurricular writing focus this month (that will need to wait until February). Then I got a little wigged out by the channeling research I was doing. Not in a bad way, really. But it was definitely distracting.

Example: I was reading this pretty intense message from someone who was supposed to be channeling someone else who currently (?!) exists thousands of years from now. As an “expert” in spirits and channeling, I can tell you that almost every single one of these channeled messages talks about the concept of “vibrations” and people having the free will to pick which vibration they want to be on — be nice and people will be nice to you, expect the worst and you got it babe. Kind of like Karma.

Anyway, when I was done reading the book, I thought to myself, “I’m going to try being on a good vibration to see what happens.” I walked out of the coffee shop and saw a 75-year-old woman driving a convertible with the top down. She was cranking her music and dancing like a maniac in her seat. Right then, when I was standing there looking at the dancing lady, this teenage guy rode up on a bike the size of Hiram’s. He was wearing a backwards hat and his pants were falling down on purpose. He jumped off his bike and said, “I LOVE this song!” and then he started dancing too. Right there on the busy street corner. I thought, “Oh my God! I’m on a different vibration!”


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m trying to finalize some of the dirtier, yuckier parts of the cult I’m inventing. I really hate thinking about it and SO! I decided to work on my short story instead. I put all my energy there, resulting in an overworked, soggy, sad, sad story which needs a break.

We all know what that means! It’s time to go back to the cult! Full time in November. Hopefully this isn’t as hard as it sounds since I’ll get a break from the crazy religion research this month. With “History” as my research focus, I’ll be spending some time learning about farming. Normal farming. Not crazy people farming.

I really do love this. Every minute.

Here’s my progress chart:

October Update


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It was our annual Barrows family trip to the apple orchard last weekend. Over all the trip, and the whole weekend, was great. It was awesome to see Grandma Barrows and Aunt Linda. It was amazing to see how much h and e’s baby cousin has grown. The company was perfect. The drive was extraordinary. The apple picking?

My plan was to post a whole bunch of cute pictures of Hiram, Eldyn and their cousin. I’d have one of them all posed near a really big pumpkin. I’d have one of them eating apples. Oh! And one of the three of them in a wagon, that would be cute! And maybe, if they were up for it, a shot of one or both of them feeding the goats. Yes!


It wasn’t that kind of trip.

What actually happened was that Hiram got to learn all about hail. And about how hail feels when it’s pelting your face on the long walk back in from the orchard. He still sometimes calls it “kale” when he talks about how he doesn’t like it.

I don’t know exactly what Eldyn thought about it all but here’s a picture of his face.

What Lew thought of the hail at the apple orchard

What Lew thought of the hail at the apple orchard


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Eldyn likes to scavenge for food under our kitchen table. He does this almost every night. First, he sits at the table during dinner and throws most of what we give him onto the floor. Eventually, we believe him when he says he’s “all done” and help him get out of his high chair so he can run off to play. Then later we find him sitting under the kitchen table eating whatever hasn’t been swept up yet (confession: this is usually a full meal’s worth of bits.)

As an aside, this is actually an excellent way to get Eldyn to eat vegetables.

Today, I noticed that Eldyn was having way more fun than usual playing with the pots and pans. Then I realized why. Now, instead of just sitting under the table and eating what he finds, he’s started “cooking” it first and THEN eating it.

OK fine! I will try to sweep more.

Barrows Weekly: 10/18/13

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Hi. Hi. Hi. I’m still here. I haven’t been blogging this week because I was on what I thought was a “roll” but was actually “the path to a sad, soggy, completely overworked short story.” The short story is on a break which is good news for what is now my sad, lonely, neglected blog.

Happy Friday, indeed.

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