Hiram: 4 Years + 4 Months

October 4, 2013 § 2 Comments


Never, ever, ever. Hiram has taken the first step towards the “speak with your feet” philosophy by taking a stand when things aren’t going his way. For example, when he found out skating lessons don’t start for another week, he threatened to “never ever sleep” until he got to go. When we told him he couldn’t have his third banana of the day, he said he was “never going to eat ever again” unless we caved. Luckily, we aren’t holding him to his assertions just yet.

ZZZZZZ. Not! Hiram is *this close* to giving up naps, which has got to be a bummer. He’s either exhausted all day or lying awake and bright-eyed at bedtime. He’s doing his best to “be good” and “quiet” during this transition but boredom has forced him to get creative after lights out. The other night we heard what sounded like heavy construction going on in his bedroom and found him with his new light-up shoes back on, jumping up and down in the dark.

That Hurts My Feelings! Hiram is exceptional at “using words” when he’s mad. One thing that helps is having a few go-to lines he can use when he’s even too mad to think. One line like this is “That hurts my feelings.” The other night Hiram concluded that he had the most teeth and insisted we count.

Hiram 20. Mama 28.


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