October 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Eldyn likes to scavenge for food under our kitchen table. He does this almost every night. First, he sits at the table during dinner and throws most of what we give him onto the floor. Eventually, we believe him when he says he’s “all done” and help him get out of his high chair so he can run off to play. Then later we find him sitting under the kitchen table eating whatever hasn’t been swept up yet (confession: this is usually a full meal’s worth of bits.)

As an aside, this is actually an excellent way to get Eldyn to eat vegetables.

Today, I noticed that Eldyn was having way more fun than usual playing with the pots and pans. Then I realized why. Now, instead of just sitting under the table and eating what he finds, he’s started “cooking” it first and THEN eating it.

OK fine! I will try to sweep more.


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