Is the Half Shell Full or Empty?

November 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Ugh. It’s a good thing we have a whole year until it’s Halloween again. That was one intense October.

It was my own fault. I was the one who insisted that the boys help to MAKE their own costumes this year. I was adamant.

Junky polyester costumes had already started accumulating in our house. Masks that probably felt like wearing pantyhose on your face, cheap velcro and yuck — and for 20’s of dollars to boot! I hated it and was convinced that making our costumes was the better way. We wouldn’t spend money on garbage. We’d teach the boys about creativity. We’d empower them and give them a chance to be proud of something they’d made.

All of that happened. Hiram loved helping with his costume. His highest achievement was his shell, which he painted to look exactly like a turtle shell without any outside influence (aside from the reference photos he requested when he was half-way through).

H painted his own shell!

H painted his own shell!

But, I am exhausted. Despite our efforts to involve the boys, we were the project managers. Designing the costumes, pivoting when they changed their minds, sewing stretchy annoying material to zipper pajamas and then stuffing it, only to realize it looked (at best) like a beer belly instead of a six-pack. Chasing Eldyn around the house with his  construction worker vest while thinking, I am going to take this very personally if you refuse to wear it, you little stinker!

Oh yeah, and finding the spare minutes to carve the pumpkins, get the trick-or-treat candy, keep the kids from killing each other with homemade swords, feed them dinner and give them at least one bath.

Was the means worth the end?

I’d say no. But then I remember Hiram and his half shell. And the look in his eye as we tied him into his ultimately very complicated and cool looking costume.

It’s a good thing we have a whole year until Halloween again.

Ninja Turtle!

Ninja Turtle!


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