Hiram: 4 Years + 5 Months

November 8, 2013 § 2 Comments


Skate Skills: Hiram started skating lessons this month and has since become even more of a hockey fanatic than before. Last weekend, he went to “Try Hockey For Free” day at the ice arena and he came home with a new jersey, a new stick, a whole bunch of free hockey prizes (luggage tags, rubber bracelets, puzzles, stickers, decals, stick tape, participation certificates, foam pucks, etc., etc., etc.) AND designation as both the youngest kid ON the ice and hardest kid to get OFF the ice. I told a mom mentor about this and all she said to me was, “your going to be busy.”

From Up Here: One almost sure fire way to get Hiram to behave is to remind him that littler kids are looking up to him. The littler person can be his own brother, kids in music class or basically anyone. He loves being the big kid and will be a picture perfect example for quite a while and/or until something truly irresistible (read: messy, loud or funny sounding) takes him off his game.

Transient: It’s been quite a while since this started, but it’s been happening long enough now to actually note: Hiram won’t sleep in his bed. For a long time he slept on a cot right next to his bed and then on the cot next to the window. Then he slept on the bare carpet next to the cot and now on the mattress in the middle of the room. Last night when I went in to give him an extra kiss, he was sleeping with his head on the mattress and his knees on the floor. I just don’t know.

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