Eldyn: 1 Year + 11 Months

November 14, 2013 § 2 Comments


Terrible Tears: Eldyn has been crying real tears since birth. Apparently, this is a little unusual (most babies start crying real tears between 1 and 4 months.) The addition of real tears so early was a little hard to take – Lew cried all the time and tears did a lot to make him look just so sad. Anyway, now that Eldyn gets frustrated more often we’ve been seeing more tears again lately. Here’s the thing about Eldyn’s tears: they come quick and they are absolutely huge. One dropped on my hand the other day and the diameter of the plop was no less than two inches wide.

Full Sentences: Eldyn LOVES to talk and he wants nothing more than to speak in full sentences. Despite his amazing efforts to learn new words every single day, he still doesn’t know quite enough (yet) to string a sentence. This doesn’t stop him from making something that sounds exactly like a sentence though. ‘Nuh, ne, ne, Hiram, nah, nah, outside nuh, no hat!’

Hockey: eLew’s got the hockey bug. Bad. Now that we park our cars in the garage, we walk across our deck the hockey rink on the way to our car each morning. Inevitably, this gives Lew an idea. As soon as he gets out the door, he grabs whatever hockey paraphernalia he can find and starts running around like a crazy person while yelling “Hockey! Hockey!” It’s up to me to catch him, which is good for him. I’m the one wearing dress shoes and carrying 18 thousand bags.

Eldyn: 11 Months

Eldyn: 11 Months + 4 Days


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