Write a Novel: November Update

November 24, 2013 § 1 Comment

It’s official. I’m behind.

I spent the month grappling with two separate problems on my religion charter.

1) That doozy of a Rituals section. The more I wrote the more complicated it got and the more I had to write. It took me twice as long as I had hoped but checking it off as “complete” still felt good. Let’s hope History and Beliefs are better. Key word: Hope.

2) The History section is not looking better. Mainly, this is because I am having a hard time finding good content related to the emotional aspects of the farm crisis. It’s hard to conjure up fiction when all I’ve found to read are academic analysis of “why and what now.” I just found two documentaries that might be good. So, let’s see if I can turn this trend around in December.

And, to tie up my non-progress with a big fat bow, the class I wanted to go to as an extracurricular activity was cancelled. Soooo, that’s on hold too. I can’t wait until the month when everything clicks again. That’s going to be fun.

Here’s my sad report for December:

November Update


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