Thanksgiving 2013

December 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

In the end I’d say Thanksgiving was just as it should have been. Our little family, a few guests, and pockets of great fun. Since it’s 20 the 13th we also had our share of poop, puke and other bodily fluids to contend with. But I am resigned to this phenomenon by now.

I will share highlights here and leave low-lights to your imagination.

  • Seeing my dad walk into our house on Thanksgiving with an 8-cubic-foot box full of dinner sides (my mom had been busy that morning)
  • Taking a very long walk after dinner to make room for two slices of squash pie
  • Taking the boys shopping on Black Friday and seeing what Hiram picked out for everyone on his list
  • Watching Christmas movies while eating Chinese takeout
  • Carrying our Christmas tree home from the neighborhood lot
  • The way Hiram decorated the tree by putting all his ornaments on one branch and then making up a story about what they were all doing
  • Playing hockey with Eldyn during every possible available second
  • Playing Legos with Hiram during every possible available second plus some seconds when we were supposed to be doing other stuff
  • Singing Christmas carols at the neighborhood tree lighting ceremony
  • Being married to B, who makes me laugh even when I have poop and puke on my clothes

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