Hiram: 4 Years + 6 Months

December 8, 2013 § 1 Comment


Christmas Spirit: We’re still on the “upswing” side of the Christmas Curve with Hiram – every year is more fun than the last. This year, he picked out all his own gifts and seems more into Santa. In fact, he’s been thinking quite logistically about Santa this year — which cookies he might like, where we should put them, if Santa thinks he’s been good enough, etc. No final word yet on what Hiram might ask Santa to bring although contenders are an umbrella or a scooter.

All Out Hockey: Hiram joined the Minneapolis Storm as a Mighty Mite in November – officially making me a hockey mom. The program is a little more intense than I think we were expecting, but Hiram helps us keep things in perspective. He knows hockey is less about how many times you fall down and more about how much snow you can accumulate on your socks in the process.

Translation: It’s time to throw away my pride and admit that Hiram is far better at translating Eldyn than I am. Luckily for Eldyn (who just wants to be understood) Hiram does this for him at least 18 times a day. Eldyn will say something that I am convinced means “I just ate a shoe and now I think I’ll take the car out for a spin,” and Hiram will say, “Mom, he wants a clementine.”

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