2013 Christmas Letter: The Year of “Do Your Flow”

December 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

2013 christmas card

In July, we were worried we’d need to dub this “The Year of Unlucky” or, spun appropriately for a holiday letter, the year of “Silver Linings.” Nothing catastrophic, thank God, but quite a few well-laid plans completely screwed up by ill-timed illnesses, plumbing emergencies and a broken arm.

It was Hiram who finally taught us how to outsmart this unlucky streak. “Do your flow,” he said one day. He meant, “Go with the flow,” but we like “Do your flow” better. It means more than just “jump off the cliff with the rest of ‘em.” It means, “What should we do with this cliff? Jump, parasail or watch the sunset?”

Once we figured this out, things got way better. We started each day with a loose plan and a readiness to pivot. All of a sudden, the adventure was back and the plan didn’t matter. We met new people, found new places to play and had quite a few dance parties.

Appropriately, Hiram is a master at Do Your Flow and a perfect example for the rest of us. He finds ways to spice things up or slow things down and appreciates the simple things like riding his bike (no training wheels!) and looking at the lake with me on his way to daycare. He loves all sports and is especially excited about starting as a Mighty Mite in hockey this fall.

Brad and I started Yoga Date Night, which involved doing actual Vinyasa flows. We also made the most of a completely useless portion of our backyard by building a deck. We knew we were onto something when Hiram and Eldyn started using the deck as a (very skinny) hockey rink before the fourth board had been nailed down. We’ve been focusing our free time on our favorite hobbies – sports for Brad and writing (a novel!) for me.

Do Your Flow comes naturally to Eldyn, who is a hilarious 2-year-old predisposed to happiness. He loves to play with Hiram and make us laugh. He is very attentive to his dolls – finding inventive ways to feed, clothe or otherwise care for them. His favorite thing to do is put them to bed and wake them up again. Considering his dolls have very short sleep cycles, this keeps him pretty busy.

2013. You almost got us down. But you didn’t! We’re so grateful for the growth we’ve been able to do as a family this year and we can’t wait to see what other adventures are in store. We hope this letter finds you in your own perfect flow and wish you a very Merry Christmas.


Hadley, Brad, Hiram and Eldyn Barrows

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