Say What: “We’re following.”

December 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hiram and Eldyn can get pretty rowdy in the house. They wrestle and run and laugh and jump. Like puppies. Only more stressful than puppies because they’re both huge and have a general disregard for anything breakable and/or dangerous. I mean, they indulge in this roughhousing while not wearing helmets, mouth guards, nut cups or other protective gear. Am I the only one worried about this?

Anyway. One rule we have is that they can’t chase each other in the house. This became a rule because the two of them were constantly running after each other at full speed  and not even remotely slowing down to make the hairpin turn between the kitchen and the dining room. It was crazy.

The rule has helped a little but last weekend, they were at it again. “No chasing in the house!” Brad said to the backs of their little blond heads as they rounded the corner back into the living room.

“We’re not chasing,” Hiram hollered back, “We’re following.”



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