Loud and Clear

December 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Eldyn is still (awesomely) talking with no regard for phonetic accuracy and I’m still working on catching up to Hiram in terms of translation skills. It’s a little like cryptoclue, where P = B, K = T and “dai-nat” means “car snack.”  With these clues, it’s easy to know that “hockey butt” is not a cute pet name for his brother, but instead the name for the black, puck-shaped item that you shoot at the net during a hockey game. I got this.

Most of the time, talking to Eldyn is equal parts stress and euphoria. I absolutely LOVE hearing what he has to say and I LOVE knowing that he’s finally getting to use the words he’s wanted to use since birth. But I hate it when I don’t know what he means. I’m not sure if its my imagination or if he really is giving me the look that corresponds with “I’m trying so hard mom, WHY?”

Here’s one I heard for the first time (unsolicited) this morning though, that I had no trouble translating: “I love you, mama.”

Oh swoon, swoon, SWOON.


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