Christmas 2013 (Part 1)

December 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


Due to 20 the 13th, we have completed just 1 of 3 Christmas celebrations so far (glad you’re feeling better, mama). Despite the postponement of my family’s Christmas Eve party, there’s still SO MUCH fun and happiness to recap. Maybe I’ll do three installments this year. Why not? Take that 2013!

Awesome stuff that happened on Christmas Eve: 

  • Eldyn accidentally chucked a hockey puck at a lady during church
  • Eldyn tried to blow out “Happy Birthday” candles during the “candlelight” portion of the church service
  • Hiram, inspired by the idea of our family starting a band, picked and arranged our version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” which we sang when we dropped off a Christmas Care Package at my parents. Hiram planned the whole thing – mom sings the words, daddy beat boxes, Hiram sings bass and Eldyn holds the lights.
  • Our entire family curated a last-minute Favorite Things Dinner. Eldyn picked a pomegranate and yogurt, Hiram picked swirly rye bread, B picked fancy cheese and I picked sushi and Lefse)
  • Hiram got new pajamas that glow in the dark. I showed him how to use a flashlight to make them glow extra bright.
  • Eldyn got very excited about his new Fire Truck pajamas and came very close to saying the F-word every time he (joyfully) pointed to the picture on the front.
  • Both boys looked adorable and held still for a picture (above)

Even more awesome stuff that happened on Christmas:

  • Weirdly, both boys slept until 7. This must have been their “big” Christmas present to us.
  • We wore our pajamas all day.
  • We all loved our presents and I especially loved seeing what Hiram picked out for us this year. A decorative reindeer for me (to put in my bedroom), a captain hook doll for Eldyn and a new sleeveless running shirt/shorts outfit for daddy.
  • The boys even loved the (potentially lame and definitely not immediately gratifying) rolling duffel-suitcases I gave them.
  • Despite his disappointment over not getting a real drill from Santa, Hiram was still able to help daddy assemble the scooters Santa brought for both boys. Once assembled, these scooters were the main means of transport between the living room and the kitchen.
  • The weather was perfect so after nap time, we put snow pants over our pajamas and went sledding.
  • After sledding, we curled up on the couch to watch Planes, eat from Hiram’s huge bag of popcorn (thanks again, Dottie!) and drink hot chocolate.
  • After eating popcorn and hot chocolate, we ate a huge ham for dinner.
  • After eating a huge ham we ate Christmas cookies.
  • After eating Christmas cookies we crashed into a food/fresh air coma and slept like babies who have been properly sleep trained.

THAT, my friends, is the Joy of Christmas. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.


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