Hiram: 4 Years + 7 Months

January 6, 2014 § 1 Comment

Oh, OK, OK, OK. I have come to love this expression out of Hiram. He says it when he’s in the mood to not only fully cooperate but when he’s prepared to take the concept of “cooperative preschooler” to an entirely new level. Examples:

  • “We need to ‘hustle’ if we’re going to get you to hockey on ti…” Oh, OK, OK, OK.
  • “Let’s get this table cleaned off so we can make cooki…” Oh, OK, OK, OK.
  • “If you want to go to the movie, we’re need to get our coats…” Oh, OK, OK, OK.

PG: Speaking of movies, Hiram went to his very first one in the theater this month. As parents of of an overly sensitive boy, I think we’d both agree that PG is still a little out of Hiram’s comfort zone but I don’t think Hiram regrets going. He’s still thinking about it and asking tough questions. “Why would a sister want to hurt her sister?” “If you and daddy die, what will Eldyn and I do?”

Funny Pot: In an attempt to address the “root cause” of Hiram’s incessant morning dawdling, we have introduced the “Funny Pot” into our getting ready routine. In exchange for putting his underwear on in less than 30 minutes and brushing his teeth without first accidentally falling head-first into the bathtub, Hiram is rewarded with family fun time each morning. The funny pot has activities designed to take 5 minutes or less and so far time-wise, we’re coming out (way) ahead.

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