Eldyn: 2 Years + 1 Month

January 14, 2014 § 1 Comment



A whole month since Lew’s birthday? Well shucks that went quick.

Dish It: After reading several books to Eldyn the other night, I stood up to discover that my rear end hurt. “Ouch! My bottom hurts, Lew! Too much sitting on the hard floor!” I started to walk towards the door when I felt a tug on my back pocket and then heard a smooching sound. “Dish it.” he said.

File this away under: Can’t say my kids never kiss my butt.

As an aside, Eldyn perfected the art of kissing this month and when he does it it’s adorable.

Shadow: Lew and I are back to being each others’ shadows thanks to his recent stint of separation anxiety. Poor B has to have tough skin considering Eldyn has yet to develop any sense of tact. “Eldyn, how about Daddy helps you get dressed while I take a shower?” “Nooooooooooooo! Mama!”

Ever! In an effort to be exactly like Hiram, Eldyn has started copying Hiram’s every move. When Hiram is being an angel, this works well — “Of course I’d like some celery and broccoli! And who doesn’t love bedtime??”

Sometimes when Hiram is very mad, he thinks of the most awful thing he can think of and threatens us with it. “I never want to eat cookies until I go to Heaven!” Or, “I’m never going to open Christmas presents EVER AGAIN.” Not to be outdone, Eldyn has also started exclaiming when he’s mad. Except he uses the abridged version. He says, “Ever!” and then he stomps away with his arms crossed.

1 Year + 1 Month

1 Month


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