Hiram: 4 Years + 8 Months

February 9, 2014 § 1 Comment


Friend Trend: Brad gets credit for noticing this subtle shift in Hiram over the past month – a heightened interest in making more friends. He’s always been loyal to the friends he has, but this month he seems ready to branch out. This plays out in stories he tells about things that happened (in his mind or otherwise) during hockey practice. “Yesterday, my friend in hockey put his hand like this (fist) and I put my hand like this (fist) and we bumped.” 

Nap Time Trials: We can’t win when it comes to nap time. When Hiram takes a nap, bedtime is late and terrible. When he misses a nap, bedtime is early and also terrible. No matter, Hiram prefers the latter will do anything to miss his nap. Last weekend Hiram cleaned the house for an hour — wiping off the entire refrigerator and all the lower cabinets in the kitchen, picking up all his toys in the living room and dusting everything he could reach in the dining room. This weekend, he sat on the couch without “talking or bumping” the whole time we worked on the budget. See what I mean? He will do anything.

Maze Maniac: Hiram has recently discovered the joys of the maze puzzle book Santa brought him for Christmas. His favorites are the ones he can do with his eyes shut but his dad and I have been praising him incessantly for never giving up on the trickier versions. His first response when he hits a “wall” is to stomp around and yell. But within a minute or two, he’s hovered back over the page.

Here is a picture of Hiram’s epic journey past Gina Giraffe:


3 Years + 8 Months

2 Years + 8 Months

1 Year + 8 Months


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