Eldyn: 2 Years + 2 Months

February 16, 2014 § 1 Comment


Shoe Fetish: Eldyn’s love of shoes has only intensified with age. He will steal shoes from any one of the rest of us and shuffle himself around the house (and down/up the steps) all day long. Last week when I tried to change him out of his boots into his play shoes at daycare, he wanted nothing to do with it. One guess why:

  1. He was too excited to play with his friends
  2. He didn’t want me to leave
  3.  Daycare just got tap shoes exactly his size

Roger That: Not all the time, but sometimes now, Eldyn makes it hard for me to know for sure which of my boys is talking in the other room. He is capable of saying such perfect sentences and putting all his words together in such a natural way. But then, just when I’m starting to feel like he’s getting too big to need me, he falls face-first into a snow bank and starts hollering “I such!” (That means he’s “stuck” and only his mama will do.)

Mr. Fixit: Over the weekend, Hiram broke one of his favorite toys. Hysterics immediately ensued. As soon as he heard Hiram crying, Eldyn ran into the room. When he saw me sitting on the floor with the broken toy in hand, he crouched down, looked straight into my eyes, took the two parts into his hands and said, “I can fix it.”  It turns out Lew couldn’t actually fix Hiram’s toy. But it wasn’t for lack of desperately wanting.

Eldyn: 1 year + 2 months

Eldyn: 2 months


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