Hiram: 4 Years + 9 Months

March 8, 2014 § 2 Comments


Hiram is the purple blur racing towards the net!

Hockey. The End: Much to his dismay, Hiram’s hockey season ended this past month. I had the feeling he was *this close* to actually talking to at least one of the other kids on the team and then it was over. The season grand finale was a Hockey Jamboree, which was a lot of fun despite repeated warnings that the event was going to be a few steps above chaos. Hiram liked the Jamboree, except for the part where he got himself shuffled into the Panther’s locker room (he was a Penguin) and almost lost forever. Chaos indeed.

Olympic Gold: This year Hiram loved watching the Olympics as much as we did and was perfect Olympic company. He consumed what was happening right along with us. He had questions and made observations and appreciated things in a way that enhanced the experience. He was a die-hard fan of the USA, and especially the Bobsled team, which was obvious when he said things like, “I hope the Canadians get bumped around just a little in their Bobsled.”

College Bed Kick: Hiram’s first month in his college bed is going great. He has yet to fall out! Plus, despite my fears that putting him in a bigger bed will make me feel like he’s growing up too quickly, it has the opposite effect. The other night I went in to kiss him and couldn’t find him, he was such a little lump in the corner. My only beef is that the kid is a wall-kicker. We knew this but it didn’t really matter until we moved his bed (and therefore his little eggbeater legs) against an interior wall in the house. Now when he kicks, BAM! It scares me so bad I almost fall out of bed.

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