Letter to the Babysitter: 2014 Hiram Edition

March 10, 2014 § 2 Comments

It’s March which means it’s time for my annual tradition of documenting the boys’ bedtime routines. I  love looking back and seeing how things change over the years. I’ll start with Hiram this time:

  • We start Hiram’s bedtime routine at 7:30 with a goal bedtime of 8 or 8:15. You can’t actually start putting Hiram to bed too early. He will always use all the time you have and then a little more.
  • Hiram can be on his own for tooth brushing and using the bathroom. He is a pro at taking his inhaler on his own too. He often needs a little lot more prodding when it comes to getting his pajamas on.
  • If it works out, you can read stories to Hiram and Eldyn together. They often enjoy doing this and it saves a little time. If this happens, Hiram understands that the books he picks need to be a little bit shorter and that between the two of them, they need to pick three books. Hiram’s current favorite books are: Slow Down for Manatees (from the library), The Night before Easter, The Night Before Thanksgiving, Hot Wheels Stunts, his Cars book that is actually two books in one, and A Whistle for Willie
  • Once you’re done with books, it’s time to turn out the lights and sing two songs. Hiram likes “Sleep baby Sleep,” “The Horsey Song,” and “The Cherry Song.”
  • Then we say highlights. Sometimes Hiram is too tired, but sometimes he thinks of the most amazing highlights. He almost always says that “the nice weather” is his highlight and also the “art” I made for his wall before he was born. He also always mentions his friends at school, his family and usually something fun he did during the day. This is also the best time to find out about the things he’s thinking or worried about.
  • Then we say prayers. Hiram is too shy to talk directly to God but he will sometimes say, “Dear God, thank you for my highlights.” We tell him that is perfect.
  • Hiram needs his “ni-night” and likes to listen to Christmas songs while he falls asleep. We usually leave his door open with at least one light on in our bedroom. Since he’s started taking short/no naps, he falls asleep quickly!

Hiram: 2013 edition

Hiram: 2012 edition

Hiram: 2011 edition



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