Happy Pirate Party Day

March 28, 2014 § Leave a comment


When Hiram told me that March was “Pirate Month” at daycare I was a little peeved. Pirates? This kid starts kindergarten in mere months and they’re spending an entire month on Pirates? As in, people who attack other people and take their money via violence?


But I must say, I was wrong about the Pirate unit. Dinner conversation about pirates what Hiram did in school has come easily this month. He says random things like, “The front of a boat is called a bow” and taught me a new word for “gold” (which I have since forgotten.) Most interestingly, he has become a map making expert! Drawing landmarks, talking about spatial relationships and of course, marking the spot with an X. (Which, as an aside, is key to distinguishing one of Hiram’s maps from one of his other amazing masterpieces.)

Today concludes the pirate unit so of course it was “Pirate Party Day.” Not unlike pajama day, leprechaun day and Valentine’s day, I love Pirate Party Day. Why? With the prospect of a bandana as a finishing touch, Hiram got himself ready faster than a pirate parrot can say “good morning.”



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