All Night Long

April 28, 2014 § 1 Comment

Hiram was cracking us up with this crazy version of “Life is a Highway,” which he was doing to (successfully) delay bedtime. I could have listened to him sing this song, which he says is by “Lightning McQueen,” all night long.

All Night Long


An Easter Milestone

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The bike Hiram learned to ride without training wheels was getting too small for him, so we got out the next size up. Hiram took to it like a champ and noticed right away that the bigger wheels facilitated a much faster ride. After 15 minutes on this bigger bike, he was already asking for a chance to ride solo around Lake Harriet.

“Can we ride bikes around the lake?”


Hiram knows me well enough now to know that the way I said “sure” meant I didn’t understand. So he said, “No. I mean. Eldyn rides with you on your bike. Daddy rides on his bike and I ride on my own bike. Alone.”

After darting frantic glances at Brad, who responded with his typical, stoic, “you’re overreacting” face, I said, “Sure!”

The next thing we knew, our bikes were loaded and we were off in the car. And then we were already there. And I was telling Hiram he needed to listen (OK) and do exactly as we said (OK) and stop the minute we said stop (OK). Which is exactly what he did. And he made it around the whole lake by himself. And so did I. Which was actually the bigger question in my mind.

When he got off his bike he was doing his strut.

“Eldyn, do you have any questions for me?” he asked.

Eldyn and I thought of a question which was, “How did you do it Hiram? Tell us how you made it the whole way around all by yourself.”

“Well,” said Hiram with his big brown eyes focused intently on his little brother. “I fought the falling downness. I fought it. And I made it all the way around.”

Write a Novel: April Update

April 24, 2014 § 1 Comment

This month I was always a little behind on my novel.

(My sassy voice of reason has now taken over the keyboard to tell all of you that she fought me hard to scale back my novel goals and now see? I’m still behind. Even with the reduced list of goals. Ha, she was right.)

She was right. But I am not discouraged. I am more than halfway through my short story rough draft and am excited about it. I think I might conquer the rough and review drafts in close succession in May.

Short Stories

My micro stories are not getting quite as “finished” as I had hoped, but man! They’re providing me with a lot of interesting content. The rough short story draft I am working on is the result of a micro story. I’m surprised to see how often the same characters show up in completely different-seeming stories. One of these characters is a really bad stalker. Which is ironic.

I can’t help but appreciate this stalker for his horribly bright and obvious red hoodie and ridiculous antics that are supposed to be sneaky. I wonder where stalker guy will ultimately end up. He’s desperate for some ink time, that I know for sure.

Micro Stories

Abigail is there too. She’s getting more and more clear in my mind but I’m most worried about completing this section by the end of May. I definitely didn’t give myself enough time to put it all together in the way my mind wants it to be. This might set me behind. Or be my project during Birthday Party Break.


All in all, still fun. I do notice that I am too busy now to “accidentally” finish this work. I might need to make some more intentional choices next month in order to stay on track.

Egg Hunt 2014

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Easter 2014! We loved the amazing weather and family time over the weekend. Here are a few pics from the egg hunt.






Brush Up on Your Business Communication Skills

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Hadley Barrows

Did you miss my business communications classes last semester? No worries, I’m teaching them again in May! Click on the links to register.

Business Speaking with Influence
May 6 from 7 to 9 (South High School, Minneapolis)
Learn to deliver a memorable business message while creating a lasting (and good!) impression. The class format includes lecture, discussion and low-key practice to help you find the presentation style that brings out the best in you.

Business Writing with Influence
May 13 from 7 to 9 (South High School, Minneapolis)
Learn to improve your business correspondence and clearly convey your ideas with memorable, professional business writing. The class format includes lecture, discussion and easy techniques to help you learn new skills or build on the skills you have.

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A Taxes Word Quiz

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Hadley Barrows

When you’ve finished doing your taxes, test your tax expertise with this t-a-x word quiz:


  1. A song that is appropriate to play while doing taxes
  2. A song that is too depressing to play while doing taxes
  3. Of, pertaining to, or based on three-dimensional studies of the brain, especially as an adjunct to brain surgery


  1. The feeling euphoria that comes from finishing your taxes on time
  2. April 16 through December 31
  3. Pertaining to or situated behind the axis of the body, especially the posterior side of the axis of a limb


  1. A tendency to screw up your taxes
  2. The feeling of expecting a refund but then having to pay
  3. Lack of muscular coordination resulting in shaky limb movements and unsteady gait


  1. A natural chemical released in your bloodstream during tax season
  2. People who think taxes are super fun to do
  3. A taxonomic category, as…

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Eldyn: 2 Years + 4 Months

April 14, 2014 § 1 Comment


Trike Tike: Last fall, I remember being always glad that his trike had a parental control steer stick coming off the back. He was only kind of a peddler back then. Over the winter, he’s become a master peddler! His legs might be short, but all the better to peddle, peddle fast. He knows it too, and gets ticked when we put him in the bicycle seat for family rides.

Nickname Nix: I call Eldyn all kinds of names. Sugar Bear, Sweet Potato, Handsome Blue Eyes, Silly Stinker, etc. Lately whenever I call him one of these alternative names, he says, “No, I’m Eldyn!” Luckily for all of us, when I ask him if he’s eLew, he says “yes.” Not sure I can give that one up.

Step it Up: We used to have a bathroom stool, but now we have an Eldyn stool which roams around the upstairs and facilitates all kinds of his trouble. Suddenly, the drawers and shelves I thought were Lew Proof are not. This morning he hurt his nose giving himself a saline treatment.

 1 Year + 4 Months

4 Months

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